Appointed Committees, Boards, and Commissions


Lavonia Downtown Development Authority:
Executive Director: Barbara Busby
Chair: Hugh Hendrickson
Advisor: Charles Cawthon
Main Street Manager: Ashley Rose Dodd

DDA Board Members: Dale Stone (2023), Hugh Hendrickson (2023), Eddie Floyd (2023), Amber Holcomb (2024), LaDonna Andrews (2024), Kayla Finger (2024), Kay Legg (2024)

Lavonia Economic Development Authority
EDA Board Members: (7 directors, annual term)

Lavonia Housing Authority:
Executive Director: Ricky Whitworth

Board Members:  Dusty Morgan, Freda Burton, Nora Chambers, Thurley Mangrum, Jim Gothard, and Sandra Mayfield.

Lavonia Hospital Authority:

Board Members: Vivian Young, Nora Chambers, Diane Toney, Charles Dove, and Alan Burton


Historic Preservation Commission:

Chairman: Vivian Young
Secretary/Treasurer: Priscilla Gothard
Advisor: Charles Cawthon

Board Members: Vivian Young, Marie Loftis, Beverly Thompson, Ryan Owensby, Susan Blakely, and Priscilla Gothard

Planning & Zoning Commission:
Zoning Administrator: Charles Cawthon
Chair: Ben White

Board Members: Bruce McGee, Tracy Knox Sadler, Pam Stone, Ben White, and Laurie Whitworth

Cemetery Commission:
Chair: Vivian Young
Advisor: Randy Dove

Board Members: Vivian Young, Priscilla Gothard, Ernestine Lee, Marie Loftis, and Duchess Blakely

Community Housing Board
Advisor: Charles Cawthon

Board Members: Ricky Whitworth, John Foster, Adam Tripp, Melanie Burton-Brown, Thurley Mangrum, Vernique Whitfield, Rashad Knox, Shelly Phillips, Howard Eaton, Brandon McCurry, Vivian Young, Barbara Busby, Dusty Morgan, Kyle Foster, Cindee Phillips, Raymond Fitzpatrick, and Andrew Murphy