Fire Department

Jon Baskins Fire Chief

Chief’s Message


The Lavonia Fire Department is an ISO class 4 department with one station staffed with 100% volunteers. The Department is equipped to deal with multiple types of emergencies including fires, medical emergencies, automobile accidents, and technical rescues.

Our department is committed to serving our community with the highest degree of professionalism and concern for our citizens. We believe that our core purpose is to provide a safe community for our citizens and visitors, and in their time of need, to provide a courteous, compassionate and professional response to that need. The foundation of our operation is our personnel, we believe strongly in the value of the team. We believe that training, education, and the physical development of our staff are the critical components necessary to provide our community with a professional staff that delivers a high quality of service.

I firmly believe that we have a highly capable and professional staff and I am proud to have the opportunity to stand by their side as we serve our citizens.


Chief Jon Baskins
Lavonia Fire Department